Saturday, 10 June 2017

You must crawl before you walk

Have a good look at this photo. This is Erin Yungblut - from 2011. At this time she was skiing for Madill, racing the final leg of the senior girls relay. What a race it was - maybe you can tell from my reaction? I was pretty excited - that's me with my arms in the air.
This is Erin now, racing as a biathlete for Team Canada. She has gone a very long way - from Wroxeter to Canmore (and every Nordic nation) in a short amount of time. Talk about hard work! The hours of training she puts in everyday are quite astounding. If only I had her drive! Check out her Blog

This is the two of us at physio in Wingham last week.  We were taking a break from "learning to crawl". Now, she is the one cheering me on - how the tables have turned! Even though she is not home all that often we manage to pack in a meaningful visit when she is. I am so grateful for her ongoing support.

Crawling is HARD. OMG it was hard. My arms were shaking, my face was red and I was just about DONE.
It's a bit hard to tell, but here is what's happening: I am attempting to lift my knee off the mat and push it forward. All the while I am trying to stay balanced side-to-side (requires core) with the help of Mark and Erin. Some knee pull-through attempts were more successful than others :) Not bad for a first try. After that it always gets easier. Right?


  1. Herculean effort. Go, Julie!

  2. This is super powerful, and such brave stuff, Julie. My mom forwarded me Erin's latest update (the Sr Yungbluts are long time friends if my parents), as my older son is a biathlete. It included the link to your blog. Thanks so much for putting it out there. If it's okay with you, I may include this when I talk to my Grade 7/8 students about resilience.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for sharing my story - I'd even come talk to them if you like!