Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Switch

Any of you who have every received a Christmas letter from the Sawchuk Family know that I am the one who writes it. I make great attempts to share what has happened over the preceding year and attempt to make it as interesting and entertaining as possible. I add small photos of our life, but over all it usually ends up being a bit boring. In fact, the theme of last year's letter was "Boring is Good". 

There have been a few brief moments in my life when I had thought it might be fun to do some writing, more then just a Christmas letter, but I never could figure out what I would actually write about. 

So then I got hit by a car. 

And my sister (the English major) complemented me on my writing after she read my "letter to the editor". 

Now I have something to write about, as well as the encouragement to do so. In fact, if I don't write about it I don't know how I will get through it all. I am writing for me, if you want to read it you can, if you don't, I completely understand. I know so many of you are wondering how I am doing - it will be a good way for me to give you updates.

This first post was actually written on the clipboard that Selena left for me beside my bed. I wrote it in the dark, with only the lights from the city that came through the shades. I knew that if I didn't write down what was going on inside my head it would just keep spinning around. A lot of people say they often can't sleep at night because they can't turn off their brain.

This will be my switch.

Health update: I no longer have any medical concerns - as of Aug 10 my lungs were clear. So just continuing to heal, moderating the pain with medication and dealing with the effects of the paralysis. Today, Aug 11, I started doing physio in "the gym" learning to balance on the edge of the bed - very tiring work. My blood pressure is quite low (so much for being fit as a good thing) so the PTs have been trussing me up with tensor bandages up my whole legs and an abdominal wrap. Theo calls me a burrito. 

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