Thursday, 17 November 2016

Happy Anniversary to me

This was to be posted on October 22nd. Somehow I missed finishing it.

365 days ago I came home for good. At my last appointment with my psychologist I told her that I was close to the anniversary of my release date and she said it sounded like I had been in prison. Which I was, in a way, but all for my own good. [I wonder how many other people have said that] Parkwood prepared me for what was to come - how to manage my bowels and bladder and look after my skin. All necessary evils, but clearly I did not learn how to balance my life. Only by experience do I learn this. Like yesterday I should not have gone to choir, I should have had a nap, but I went anyway. Today, this was how I spent my day.
In bed with my cat.
I had plans for today. I wanted to spend time with my family and my friends - celebrate (in a low key way) life by just being. Instead last night I had a fever and didn't sleep. Yet another UTI. Come on. This one is different, never have I had a fever and the usual tightness feeling I get in my legs has not happened. So yesterday, although I felt tired, I didn't have the usual signs. In fact, what I thought was happening was that my botox was wearing off, hopefully it was the fault of the bacteria.

We were supposed to go out for dinner to the local United Church fall supper. Instead we had the takeout version. My advice? Always have a plan B.


  1. I will follow your advice, never stop learning from people's love this advice

  2. Happy anniversary, nonetheless!