Saturday, 8 October 2016

Change happens

Taken by the photographer at Greg's ride.
This is how fast I am. So fast you can hardly see me - so fast that you can not see Theo pushing me from behind...

The County of Huron has developed a strategy intended to improve cycling safety and enjoyment. This is the draft plan that is, in most part, the result of the work accomplished by the Share the Road workshops held here this past spring. Theo and I were both there and were so impressed by the information and discussions that went on. The county released the draft this week and are inviting people to read and comment on the plans. Please read the report here, even if you are not from Huron because it may give you ideas of what you can do in your community. The people of Huron who have made this happen should be proud. In one short (long) year they have made plans - plans that will go far to prevent someone else's life from being permanently altered.

If you live in Huron, please, please make a comment on this report. Send an e-mail to let the committee and the council know your thoughts and to show your support. We have to tell them that we support the plan, we have to get involved, in order to make it happen. Let's be the change.

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