Monday, 12 October 2015

Being Thankful

Today is Monday, Thanksgiving Day. I have just been through my Facebook feed, seeing all the pictures my friends have posted of all the things that they are thankful for; fall colours, carved turkeys, friends and family, running on the trails of Huron County. I have also read "my wall" and have seen all of the birthday wishes...which I am thankful for. I am also thankful for all the birthday wishes sent to my phone this weekend; so nice to hear from so many friends.

This afternoon I had a nap. It was the first time that I actually slept while taking a nap. I had woo bear over my eyes, a fresh set of earplugs and had Ella close the door on her way out today. And I slept. It took a while, but I know that I slept because it was someone knocking on the door that woke me up. I am not sure how long I slept for, but it felt good. You see, I was tired and I actually listened to my mother. I wasn't sure what I was going to do this afternoon after everyone went home, she suggested I rest, and honestly there was nothing else I could have done.

I was tired because I spent the weekend with my whole family. And they treated me like a queen. It was wonderful. You see, my mom had made this plan weeks (maybe months) ago, that we should all stay at the Best Western (across the road) for the long weekend. We booked rooms for everyone, including their (one) wheelchair accessible room, and everyone came. Dave brought Karla and the girls on Friday - what a long drive. Lara and Ant, Jane and Darryn and the kids came Saturday; Sue and Jim and a well timed hockey tournament brought Cam for the weekend too. Mom and Dad stayed for the duration and Mary and Bill came back and forth for meals, to hang out and to see Cam's hockey. Theo and the kids eventually arrived Saturday afternoon and everyone stayed until today.

The BW is more-or-less like a resort, but without the swim up bar - [I still managed to find a rye and ginger to have with my dinner - thanks Ant]. Dave and Karla had a King suite with a big table that we could eat breakfast at [thanks Mom] and Ella and Maia even had their own suite for a night [thanks Jane]. The girls loved it - staying up late to watch a movie "it was a horror movie, but it wasn't scary!". My siblings all took turns carrying me into and out of the pool (not at all accessible) which was lovely and I showed off some of my swimming tricks. I think that some were surprised that I was able to keep myself afloat. The kids love the pool there, Oliver has done the waterslide 96 times and Ella is still young enough to just play. I loved watching them have fun with their aunts, uncles and cousins - and even Gramps did a lap of the pool before retiring to the hot tub.

It was a packed weekend even just with visits, but I still managed to squeeze in some shopping, of course. Dave and I went to check out possible future vehicles (Honda H-RV and Subaru Impreza) and Theo, Mary and Bill and I went to find me a Lay-Z Boy. Well, Dave did not buy me a car, but we did find a chair which I hope can be ordered this week. The choice of vehicle will be a difficult one. I have to get a new car because both of ours are standard, not an option for me anymore. I want all-wheel drive, low enough for me to independently slide into and something that I will easily be able to get my chair into. All three seem to be a tall order - but the guy from Honda is calling me this week anyway :)

Ten days, and yes, I am counting. Theo and Casey are going to be busy this week...


  1. What an amazing family you have. Wishing you 10 more strong (or strengthening) days, and another nap or two.

  2. Thankful you have such awesome family support!