Thursday, 22 October 2015

Home is where

We arrived home today in the evening light, trees and sky both glowing. Kitsy cat greeted us on the driveway, but ran as soon as my wheels appeared - she does not like them. I rolled up my new ramp - it is quiet lovely - through the new doorway and into the sunroom (still quite a mess of summer things, including my mountain bike and my wetsuit, stark reminders). The kids and Kathy did not even hear us pull up, things are so quiet in the country. There was a lot of "Mom! Look at this!" that took some time to get through, like the new bathroom sink, door and light switch and the roll-under in the kitchen sink. All very welcome and surprising additions to the modified/accommodated Tiny Farm house. Thanks Casey!

The drive was long and took a toll on me, exceeding my pain threshold. So I am in bed with extra covers and a magic bag. We had to make a couple of stops, one for Starbucks and one at Shoppers. Did you know that a box of 30 pre-lubricated catheters costs $165? Funny that just today one of the nurses was telling me about how they teach people to wash and reuse their catheters for a 24 hour period. Using 5-6 catheters in a day will sure add up, and washing is not an option for me at this stage of the game. I now have my 5th UTI. Tonight's cranberry juice was heated in a mug and delivered with a small bowl of chips by my wonderful daughter. If only I could just pee like everybody else.

Our new Sleep Country bed is set up, and even though the regional manager delivered the bed frame that was missed on the original order, the two XL twins are not the same height.  I am displeased. Theo is already taller than me by a mile, and now his bed is five inches above mine! Add it to the list, right Jane? This too shall pass. We will likely spend most of our day tomorrow getting this space organized. I need to be able to reach what I need when no one else is around and park my chair so I can get out of bed. Had a great surprize of some custom made and signed slider boards from my Madill Team - they will keep me moving - thanks Mark.

The kids are the same, which is good. Still being goofy, occasional tears and needing lots of direction. But being helpful too, both of them. Home. Bathroom is clean, laundry is on, dishes on the counter, furnace is humming, extension cords stretched across the floor (safety first!) and lots of food in the fridge. I hear that the office and the family room are full of random furniture, moved for renovation purposes (I haven't looked, I'll take Theo's word for it).

Kitsy cat even came in for a head scratch. It's nice to be home.


  1. Ahhhhhhh. Thanks for thinking about us and posting at such a busy time.

  2. Yes, thanks for posting! It's the first thing we do every morning - check to see if there is a new Julie post. You are an inspiration to all of us, Julie. Wish we lived closer so we could help you! Bob posted the other day. He has quite a vast knowledge of revamping houses for wheelchairs. Bob & Judy (Scott)

  3. I keep wondering when you are going to let loose with a string of curse words. Not appropriate, I know, but sometimes the little things (like bed height) just make you want to cuss some.

    You are quite skilled at diplomacy.

    I agree, a clean bathroom is wonderful!

    Glad you are home.

  4. Be it ever so humble - and in need of creative adaptive renovation - there's no place like home! Glad to have you back in the neighbourhood.

  5. Julie, I, too, have been reading all of your posts, reading your progress from a distance.. crying from a distance.. and marvelling at you... from a distance. But, now I feel that our distance will be less, as it is the time of year when we meet up, give each other hugs and enjoy our common love.... SNOW! I know (as I am in tears already) that this will be a challenge, but one you will undoubtedly face. I am in contact with Patti Kitler, my former provincial coach, who works closely with para-athletes. When you are ready to chat, I am here (or on First Class). Hugs from a distance :)